Epoxy flooring for a basement? Absolutely!

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It’s a great choice for multiple reasons. Your basement could be the best place in the house to install an epoxy floor, especially our LEED certified (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) 100% solid epoxy. Here’s why:

  1. 100% solid epoxy acts as a sealant that prevents degradation of the concrete surface, which makes your basement a much more appealing and well-kept place.
  2. 100% solid epoxy acts as a vapour barrier on the floor to significantly reduce the high dampness often found in basements.
  3. 100% solid epoxy flooring is watertight and water repellent, which makes it resistant to water damage and even flood damage.
  4. 100% solid epoxy flooring is watertight and water repellent, which means it is easy to clean.
  5. 100% solid epoxy flooring has a smooth and high-gloss finish, which reflects the light and brightens up the basement.

We use products that respect and preserve the environment.

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